6 thoughts on “Create Custom Login Page Mixed authentication SharePoint 2013

  1. I just get an error 404 if I try to use /_windows/default.aspx. I can see it in my virtual directories and explore from IIS admin to see the files.

  2. Hi there,


    Thank you very much for setting up this great site. I have learned a lot of good tips from here.

    Is your post above the solution to a challenge which we are facing?

    • We are using Project Online with SharePoint Online with Office 365.
    • We are trying to find a solution to brand/ (if branding is not possible) get rid of the Office 365 log in page.
    • What we are trying to achieve is:
    • 1. Users click on a link, say: https://abc.sharepoint.com/project1/
    • 2. Instead of seeing Office 365 login page, we would like them to be able to see the login page with our own brand or a login box to enter username and password.

    Thank you very much in advance for the time you set aside to share your knowledge with us.

    Sincerely, we really appreciate your kind help.

    Charlotte Tang

    • Charlotte,
      Same to you,

      Unfortunately its not for SharePoint online version…this I did is for SharePoint on premise.

      & thanks that you like my site. In future I will be more active so keep an eye.

  3. Hi !
    First, thanks for your post.

    I’m not a developer at all. And i’m trying to do the same thing as you’ve done.
    Form login page by default, and add a link to permit employees to login via NTLM.

    I’m wondering how to modify my default.aspx page, to add a link that do that kind of thing. I want my link do to exactly the same process as when I choose “Windows Authentication” in the dropdown list that is there by default.

    I can’t find what I want on google =/

    If you have 2 minutes to waste for me, would be great !



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